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Collection of the year 2018 | 19

Design “Oskar und Freunde”, Collection 2018 | 19 

Detail Design “Oskar und Freunde” in hellblau

Design “Oskars Abenteuer”, Collection 2018 | 19

Detail Design “Oskars Abenteuer” in hellblau

Bed linen Kids

Love, that you can feel. The weaving company Curt Bauer has been known for production of exclusive damask „made in Germany“ for adults since 1882. Since spring 2014 we also pamper the “little ones” with our quality.


The BAUER® Kids bed linen collection 2015 combines love for detail and highest quality standard – for wonderful nights in a healthy sleeping environment, cuddling in damask for princes and princesses and sweet dreams from the beginning.

The designteam at Curt Bauer selected für 2018 | 2019 a cfunny children’s theme: Oskar and his friends go on great adventures… A timeless stripe design in 3 colours is combined with childoriented motifs. Fox Oskar and his friends are flying through the nursery with balloons. Whee, this puts all little foxes in a cheerful mood. The fine, detailed composition of lovingly chosen motifs is again realized in the high quality fine thread Curt Bauer Maco-brocade-damask quality, bringing a soft shimmer onto the bed.


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