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Dessin „MARIS“, Autumn/Winter 2017

 Dessin „JOVE“, Autumn/Winter 2017


Dessin „TARA“, Autumn/Winter 2017


Detail “STELLA”, Atumn-Winter-Collection 2017

Bed linen

Highest-quality maco-brocade-damask „Made in Germany“ are woven and finished by the renowned company Curt Bauer since 1882. Print designs are also part of the versatile collection on offer in the bed linen sector.


In 2017 we will again indulge you with selected exquisite maco-brocade-damasks „Made in Germany“.

With the latest LOUNGE-line you will experience „summer in Italy“. The new Curt-Bauer collection shines in light colours and freshly opens the spring/summer season 2017. We selected light, fresh mint-, orange- and pink shades for you….


For fans of straight designs, the BASIC line offers a classic-elegant version with the new design Monza. New colours in existing lines inspire to mix and combine.

The renowned textile company Curt Bauer presents their current autumn/winter collection „Moonwalk“ in a new direction in style – graphical, modern, simply „magical“. This year ’s season is stamped by luxurious Maco-Brocade-Damasks with partly three dimensional structures in pattern of Tara; seemingly metallic surfaces, like in the graphical motifs Jove and Maris, and deeply detailed prints in multi-facetted colours with the patterns of Sola and Luna.


We wish you an exciting discovery and feeling of well-being with finest Curt Bauer linens for your bed. Please refer to the pdf-catalog available for download for all our bed linen-collection and information concerning matching box sheets in maco-brocade damask, sateen or Jersey. For enthusiasts of lineal forms the BASIC-line offers new colours to combine to one’s heart’s content.


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Catalog Autum | Winter 2017

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Autum | Winter

Ordered from September 2017.