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Dessin „9013 REENA“

Dessin „9010 ANJANA“

Detail Dessin „6213 SUNITA“

Dessin „9012 YASHA“

Dessin „6214 LANEE“

Bed linen

Highest-quality maco-brocade-damask „Made in Germany“ are woven and finished by the renowned company Curt Bauer since 1882. Print designs are also part of the versatile collection on offer in the bed linen sector.


Spring / Summer collection 2020  „Spirit of Bali“


The fascinating landscape scenery of Bali is inspiration to our new spring /summer collection „Spirit of Bali“. Our design team developed it with a lot of attention to detail and special highlights.

Tropical Frangipani blossom trees, various weave motifs, elaborate batik designs and magnifi cent ornaments in atmospheric colour gradients and stripe compositions are expressed in our new collection and reveal the unexpected diverse Balinese world of pattern; shaped by the interaction of tradition and modern age. Classic, light natural tones and grey-brown shades connect with colour accents in jade and rose, resulting in a magnifi cent and at the same time modern aesthetic, taking you on a spiritual discovery journey.


Mimpi Manis = Süße Träume = Sweet Dreams
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