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Collektion’19 „7flowers Dream“

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Bed linen

Highest-quality maco-brocade-damask „Made in Germany“ are woven and finished by the renowned company Curt Bauer since 1882. Print designs are also part of the versatile collection on offer in the bed linen sector.


For Scandinavians, Midsommar is the most important time of the year. Traditionally, girls and women should pick seven different wild flowers and put them under their pillows for the night. During this night, the one they will one day marry is supposed to appear in their dreams.


Inspired by this tradition, our design team created this year’s spring/summer collection titled „7flowers Dream“, with fresh and unique designs.

The collection is dominated by floral, delicate

motifs, whether they are stylized, aquarelles or ink paintings. All of them are created with much attention to detail and aspiration to highest quality, which represent Curt Bauer’s signature.

Soft blue tones acquire more elegance in combination with colour accents of rose and peach, and atmospherically and stylishly harmonize modern as well as traditional elements.


The floral collection „7flowers Dream“ tempts you to dream and satisfies our yearning for romantic idealisation. Wishing you sweet dreams.


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