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Dessin „9007 Shirley“

Dessin „6211 Jane“

Detail Dessin „9008 Kate“

Dessin „9008 Kate“

Dessin „6212 Amelia“

Bed linen

Highest-quality maco-brocade-damask „Made in Germany“ are woven and finished by the renowned company Curt Bauer since 1882. Print designs are also part of the versatile collection on offer in the bed linen sector.


Autumn/Winter collection 2019: British „coziness“, stylishly woven


The fire crackles quietly as the view wanders over snow-covered meadows and you fall asleep wrapped in Curt Bauer bed linen. Only one possible scenario that seems to be in the eye, considering the images of the new autumn / winter collection by Curt Bauer.


We present our new autumn/winter collection with the title „Cozy Cottage“, created by our in-house design department in Aue. The highlight of this collection, inspired by British motifs, is the abstractly decorative Paisley design „Shirley“, its intricately drawn patterns are exemplary for the textile know-how of Curt Bauer.

Next to two new print designs „Amelia“ and „Jane“, which express British coziness in form of classical Paisley and decorative autumn flowers respectively, the collection is complemented by the damask motif „Kate“, with its three dimensional waffle structure.


Delicate off-white shades together with high-contrast colour accents in navy and copper red result in an exciting, but nevertheless stylish collection with many combination possibilities.


Make yourself comfortable and enjoy our new autumn-/winter collection.


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