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Collection „Le Jardin“, Theme of the year 2018 | 19

Design TOULOUSE, Collection of the year 2018

Design MONTPELLIER, Collection of the year 2018

Design AVIGNON, Collection of the year 2018

Design MONTPELLIER, Collection of the year 2018

Bed linen

Highest-quality maco-brocade-damask „Made in Germany“ are woven and finished by the renowned company Curt Bauer since 1882. Print designs are also part of the versatile collection on offer in the bed linen sector.


Le Jardin, which is French for “the garden” – serves as a stimulus and source of inspiration for this year’s bed linen collection by Curt Bauer. On one hand there is the appeal of Côte d’Azur and on the other hand, the scenery of Provence.


Our design team created classic floral and ornamental motifs for both trend themes, whereas the same patterns in differentiated colour worlds are transcribed into new design statements.

A luxurious high-end and exclusive brocade-damask-line emerged, which is exemplary for our textile company rich in tradition.


The elegant and at the same time neutral Uni-Mako satin has been complemented by matching colors in the current season, which can be wonderfully combined with “Le Jardin”.


We wish you an exciting discovery and feeling of well-being with finest Curt Bauer linens for your bed. Please refer to the pdf-catalog available for download for all our bed linen-collection and information concerning matching box sheets in maco-brocade damask, sateen or Jersey. For enthusiasts of lineal forms the BASIC-line offers new colours to combine to one’s heart’s content.


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